HD-2605 Ultra Remote Controlled HDTV Antenna with G3 Control Box

The HD-2605 Ultra with G3 Control Box is our cutting edge recieving wire. It is ground-breaking with an inherent very low clamor intensifier, concealing gathering extents to 125 miles.

A standout amongst the most energizing highlights of the HD-2605 HDTV Antenna (outfitted with an engine rotor and another G3 Control Box), is that you never again need to go out to move the recieving wire for indicated heading! Simply utilize the remote control from the solace of your home and you can locate the best plot for your TV signal.

It is one a link answer for all your TV’s at home. You don’t have to run extra links for pivot control.

Double TV OUTPUTS on the control box permits you associate at least two TV’s with a splitter.


The G3 control box is planned with new innovation and includes flood security and flexible increase control. Gives more highlights to the radio wire to work at various areas.

Flood assurance will shield your TV and Antenna from lightning and association blackouts on the wire.

Movable increase control gives you adaptability to flag quality control when your neighborhood sign is excessively solid.

What is included in the box: 

  • Antenna main unit
  • Power Adapter
  • Motor Rotor
  • Control Box
  • RG6 Cable